2023-01-04 07:40

gemiusAudience study upgrades to e.gemius.com

gemiusAudience study upgrades to e.gemius.com

From January 1, 2023, the methodology for the gemiusAudience study in Estonia has been improved and a new, modern online data analysis website - e.gemius.com - is available to users. By switching to the Constant panel methodology, higher data quality is ensured, while site e.gemius.com offers the user more convenient data analysis options, such as freely chosen time periods and data visualization options.

This year the gemiusAudience study in Estonia has switched to a modern, updated methodology - Constant panel, which not only provides for improving and adapting Real Users calculations to existing technologies but will also change the Reach calculation - from now on, the reach on each platform will be calculated against the total number of Internet users in all platforms. Changes in the methodology include a reduced probability of data calculation error, a solved problem of panelist rotation, as well as better consistency of results.

In addition to the transition to the updated methodology, users are also offered a new, modern data analysis tool - e.gemius.com, which provides an opportunity to view data online from any device, making data analysis more convenient. The capabilities of e.gemius.com will provide analysis of free periods up to 3 months, cumulative Real Users and Reach building analysis, user-customized analysis templates, as well as new graphic and visual data trending possibilities.

Data for the period up to January 1, 2023, in the previous data analysis tool gemiusExplorer and on the data site rating.gemius.com - will be available until the end of 2023.

Estonia is the third of the Baltic countries to switch to the improved Constant panel methodology and data analysis tool e.gemius.com. From July 1 last year, it is already used in Lithuania, and from September 1 - in Latvia.

Gemius is an international research and technology company providing data, as well as advanced tools for digital and traditional marketing activities such as web analytics, online campaigns’ management and ad serving. The company offers comprehensive solutions for marketers, advertising agencies, publishers and e-commerce. Gemius is present on the market since 1999. The company is a member of IAB Europe and I-COM Global. The research conducted by the company are carried out in accordance with the principles of the international ICC/ESOMAR code.

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