2018-06-18 07:01

Personnel changes in Gemius – from Baltics to HQ

Gryta Balseryte, the previous head of Gemius’ offices in the Baltic rim countries, has just been promoted to business development director at the Gemius’ headquarters. Linda Egle has been promoted from country manager of Latvia to regional manager of our two Baltic markets.

Starting from the 1st of June, Gryta Balseryte has joined our international sales department at Gemius’ headquarters in Warsaw. As a business development director, she will be responsible for cooperation with publishers and industry associations promoting the development of online advertising environment in the individual countries ꟷ JIC (joint industry committe). Linda Egle was promoted to regional manager and from the beginning of June she will be leading Gemius business development in two markets - Latvia and Estonia respectively.

"After many years of effective cooperation with Gryta and Linda, we are happy that we can promote them in the company's structures. Both Gryta and Linda have repeatedly proved that they are able to achieve business objectives successfully on their markets. It is a natural consequence to scale their potential," comments Marta Sułkiewicz, CSO at Gemius.

Gryta Balseryte has been working in the field of media and advertising for more than thirteen years. For the last seven years she was responsible for managing Gemius' Lithuanian office. Since 2014 she was also developing the strategy for Gemius Latvia. In July 2015 she became the Regional Manager for Baltics and was in charge of all Baltic rim countries, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Linda Egle has been working in Gemius since 2011. For the past four years she was the country manager for Latvian market. Linda is a member of the Latvian Advertising Association and the Latvian Association of Public Relations. She graduated from the School of Business Administration Turiba and is also a holder of an MBA diploma.

"I am satisfied with the opportunity given to me to manage the Estonian market. I am confident that together with my competent team we will be able to not only ensure successful operation of Gemius products in the Estonian market, but also to introduce new products and possibilities. Since the two markets are quite similar in different aspects and the main players in the sector are most often operating at the Baltic level, centralized communication and, at the same time, exchange of experience will be mutually beneficial for players in both Latvian and Estonian markets," comments Linda Egle, Gemius regional manager in Latvia and Estonia.

The recruitment for the country manager role in Lithuania is in progress.

Gemius has been supporting the development of the Baltic online advertising market for over thirteen years. Publishers, advertisers, media houses, advertising agencies and e-commerce entrepreneurs use Gemius research and tools for developing their online businesses. Thanks to Gemius technology they are able to measure website traffic and popularity, online user behaviour, as well as manage online campaigns. Moreover, starting from April 2018, Gemius has provided Lithuanian clients with daily data thanks to the audience Overnight study - the methodology awarded with the IAB Europe Research Award in the Audience Measurment category in 2016.

Gryta Balseryte, Gemius business development director.

Linda Egle, Gemius regional manager in Latvia and Estonia.


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Linda Egle

Gemius Latvia vadītāja un industrijas eksperte

Gemius Latvia vadītāja un industrijas eksperte

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