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51 percent of surveyed Estonian Internet users expect their online spending to increase this year

51 percent of surveyed Estonian Internet users expect their online spending to increase this year

The international internet research and technology company Gemius has conducted the E-commerce study 2022 on internet users’ online shopping habits in Estonia. The study found that in the last six months 88 percent of respondents have shopped online, and 51 percent of respondents who shop online expect their online spending to increase this year. Besides – 74 percent of respondents who shop online do it at least once a month. 

The research on Estonian shopping habits online found that in the last six months almost 88 percent of surveyed Internet users have shopped online. Compared to previous research on 2020, this indicator has increased by 5 percentage points. Meanwhile, 8 percent of the respondents are planning to do it in the future, and it is the same as two years ago, while 4 percent haven’t shopped online and don’t plan to, showing a decrease of 5 percentage points compared to 2020 data. Overall this year the respondents were asked to answer 31 questions about their shopping habits, motivation, favorite online stores, delivery options and encountered problems – 24 key survey questions and 7 socio-demographic questions.

As the cost of various spending increases, respondents were also asked to estimate how their online spending will change this year. More than 51 percent of the respondents replied that their spending will increase, and this indicator is 20 percentage points higher than two years ago (31,5%). However, 42 percent of surveyed plan that their spending online won’t change, showing a decrease of 13 percentage points compared to 2020 when 55 percent of surveyed chose this option. However, 7 percent think that their expenses will decrease and it is 7 percentage points less than two years ago.

Asked about shopping frequency, 74 percent of respondents revealed that they shop online at least once a month. Most of them – 42 percent – shop online several times a month, 12 percent – once a month, but 19 percent have bought something online at least once a week or more often. 


The study was made using a specialized internet survey - gemiusAdHoc. It is based on data obtained with the help of pop-up internet questionnaires, which were displayed to randomly selected internet users. The survey was conducted from April 24 to June 15, 2022, by questioning 1226 respondents in Estonia in the age group of 18 to 74 years.

To find out more about the research and to get acquainted with all the data about Estonia contact Gemius Eesti by writing to kontakt@gemius.ee.

Gemius is an international research and technology company providing data, as well as advanced tools for digital and traditional marketing activities such as web analytics, online campaigns’ management and ad serving. The company offers comprehensive solutions for marketers, advertising agencies, publishers and e-commerce. Gemius is present on the market since 1999. The company is a member of IAB Europe and I-COM Global. The research conducted by the company are carried out in accordance with the principles of the international ICC/ESOMAR code.

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