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Gemius introduces new internet data publishing method – Overnight

Internet research and technology company Gemius introduces a new and internationally awarded data publishing method in the Estonian market. This method allows to analyze and publish Internet audience data the very next day. Additionally, data will be available the very next day with full sociodemographic profile of Real Users, including data on site overlapping on various platforms, video, and audio players, as well as applications.

To meet demands of the ever-changing Internet tendencies, from today Gemius is introducing internationally recognized and awarded Overnight and BPS (Behavioral Panel Synthesis) methodology which offers new ways of data analysis in Estonia. Previously data on Estonian market was published earliest on the 10th date of every month, allowing analysis of data for the previous month. However, now such data will be available every day, thus, allowing analysis of previous day data. For this purpose Gemius has developed a new Overnight methodology based on technical and methodological improvements to determine the most accurate flow of statistics on all platforms in the shortest time possible. Overnight methodology has gained international recognition and has received the IAB Europe Award in 2016 as the best daily data calculating methodology.

Precise data every day


Together with the Overnight methodology, the Behavioural Panel Synthesis Lite or BPS Lite methodology is introduced. BPS gives the opportunity to see user sociodemographic data on all platforms, as well as to analyze user overlapping on various platforms and sites. BPS Lite methodology has been rewarded with IAB Europe prize as the best research product in Europe in 2015. Together with BPS Lite methodology Overnight will give Gemius’ clients a chance to review data about Internet user sociodemographic data and site visitor overlapping every day, week, and month. Data will be available in various angles, i.e., not only with and without overlapping on all platforms (PC, mobile phones, tablets, and mobile devices together), but also provides an opportunity to script and analyze data for applications, as well as video and radio players.

“We are happy to provide Estonian market with our internationally recognized and awarded research methods, as well as to provide more precise data. As the public’s habits of Internet browsing are constantly changing, we are keeping track of them and develop accordingly, therefore, finding new ways to make data more precise,” comments Gemius regional manager in Latvia and Estonia Linda Egle.

Improved methodology for Estonian market


One of the newest functions that has been introduced is the distribution of PC platform between home and work data streams in order to eliminate such possibility that one Internet user would be included in statistics twice or more times. Due to this, Real User data on PC or computer platform will become more precise, therefore, clarification of methodology will be responsible for changes in PC data for the whole market.

More precise data will also be available for mobile device users. Since social media portal “Facebook” is becoming more popular more Internet users use “Facebook” application as a separate mobile device browser to visit other Internet sites. This habit has created a significant increase in the number of Internet user identifiers within the market. By clarifying methodology, e.g., by separating “Facebook” and “non-Facebook” data flow, Gemius data will show a more precise Real User numbers from mobile platforms. Therefore, unlike with the PC platform, the mobile platform will show an increase of Real Users within the whole market.

Additional changes have been made for the tablet platform. Less than half of Internet users use tablets to browse web sites which are included in Gemius research. Instead tablet users choose to, for example, play online games or watch videos on “YouTube”. As a result, the number of Real Users on tablet platform has been overestimated; therefore tablet platform is expected to decrease in Real User data. Furthermore, from now on the tablet platform will be combined together with mobile phone data, creating one united mobile device platform. It should be noted, however, that division of these two platforms will still be possible.

Public data source for the market - rating.gemius.com


So far the publicly available website opa.gemius.ee (Online Publishers Audit or OPA) presented a forecast of previous day Real User data. OPA site will be changed by www.rating.gemius.com which, compared to OPA, will not show data forecast but real and precise user statistics. The new site will also provide data for other markets that have introduced Overnight methodology – Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Serbia.

gemiusAudience research is selected by the market as the official media and Internet advertising currency in Estonia. This research is used by the biggest Estonian internet media, agencies, and advertisers. gemiusAudience is currently used in more than 30 countries.

Gemius – an international Internet research company that provides professional research methods, consolations, analysis, and recommendations for online environment-based companies. The company provides solutions which are used in everyday work in more than two thousand companies in various market sectors around the world. Established in 1999, Gemius currently works in more than 30 European, Middle East, and African markets. The research uses methodological solutions developed by Gemius, which are in line with the internationally recognized ICC / ESOMAR codex.

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Linda Egle

Linda Egle

Gemiuse Läti ja Eesti haru piirkonnajuht, valdkonna ekspert.

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