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Gemius: Estonian website Top 10, August 2020

Gemius: Estonian website Top 10, August 2020

Internet technology and research company Gemius has published Top of 10 most visited websites in Estonia in August 2020. In August all Top 10 sites remained their position in total statistics. Meanwhile in Computer top portal ohtuleht.ee returned to 3rd position but biggest decrease in mobile statistics was shown for mke.ee.

Total statistics for all devices

In the last month of summer all Top 10 sites remained their positions as in July. With an audience of 690 000 Real Users top is revealed by portal delfi.ee, followed by postimees.ee with 638 000 users and elu24.ee with 458 000 users and increase by 3 percent or 12 000 compared to July data. As in previous month portal ohtuleht.ee is 4th with 439 000 readers and increase by +2 percent or +9 000, but Top 5 is closed by geenius.ee which experienced small decrease from all platforms together by -2 percent or – 7 000 users this August.

Increases in audience in previous month was also noted for tv3.ee with +4 percent or +7 000 users, also site online.ee showed increase of 4 percent or 6 000 Real Users, but mail.ru audience increased by 3 percent or 4 000 users.  Meanwhile small decrease in audience from all platforms together was shown for neti.ee with -2 000 users or -1 percent compared to July.

Real Users and computers

In August portal ohtuleht.ee returned to 3rd position in Computer top with 247 000 Real Users and increase by 6 percent (+15 000 users) which is biggest increase in numbers and percentage. Meanwhile delfi.ee remains 1st with 475 000 users from computers (-1 percent), but postimees.ee takes 2nd place with an audience of 387 000 (+1 percent). Portal elu24.ee takes 4th place with 240 000, but Top 5 is closed by neti.ee with same audience as in July – 124 000 Real Users.

Dropping one position in the top, decrease was shown for site geenius.ee with 85 000 users (-5 percent or
-4 000 users), also audience of tv3.ee decreased by 3 percent or -3 000 users in August. Increases were shown for portal online.ee with +3 percent or +4 000 users and vk.com with same increase in percentage and +2 000 users.

Real Users from mobile devices

Mobile top in August is revealed by delfi.ee in the 1st place with 669 000 Real Users from mobile phones and tablets together, which is +1000 Real Users compared to July. Second place is taken by postimees.ee with 602 000 visitors which is the same as in July. Like all this summer portal elu24.ee remains in 3rd position with 413 000 and increase by 1 percent (+3 000 users) compared to July. Portal ohtuleht.ee takes 4th  position in Mobile top with 410 000 Real Users and +3 percent compared to July, but geenius.ee with audience of 260 000 users (-1 percent) closes Top 5.

Notable increase in numbers was shown for tv3.ee with +10 000 users (+9 percent). Meanwhile mail.ru experienced increase by 13 percent or +6 000 users. Social portals vk.com audience increased by 5 percent or +5 000 Real Users. However biggest decrease was shown for portal mke.ee with -10 percent or -5 000 of audience from mobile devices in August.


An overview of full data is available on https://rating.gemius.com/

Top 10 is based on data about internet audience that is aged between 15 and 74 years of age, is from the territory of Estonian state and visit sites from computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The sites included in this top are those that participated in the gemiusAudience research in August. gemiusAudience research is based on a complex and modern methodology that allows to see the number of real persons (Real Users) within a page, rather than looking at cookies or IP addresses that do not show the number of actual persons visiting the relevant page. To sign up for gemiusAudience research or to find out more information about it please write to kontakt@gemius.ee.


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