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Food and drink – market sector with the highest CTR in Estonia

The most popular device for ad display in Estonia was computers; however, the most popular ad format was display ads. At the same time, the highest click-through ratio was shown for the food and drink industry, according to “Gemius” newest “AdMonitor” research on the first half of 2018.

According to “gemiusAdMonitor” report for the first half of 2018, the most popular device with the highest number of ads displayed was computer with around 82%, which is by 10% points more than during the first half of 2017. At the same time, about 15% of ads were shown on mobile phones and around 3% were on tablets. The most clicks were made for ads displayed on computers with 58%. About 37% of clicks were made on mobile phone ads, but the least amount of clicks was done via tablets with about 5%.

The most popular ad format by impressions was display ads. For example, the share of impressions on computer was around 83% for display ads and 59% for video ads. Click-through ratio or CTR for video formats was the greater than that of display ads and amounted up to 6.31% on tablets and 6.12% on mobile phones, as well as about 3.41% on computers. In other words, for every 1000 video expositions on phones and tablets Estonians clicked around 6 times, whereas on computers Estonians would make only 3.4 clicks.

The highest CTR for display ads was shown for mobile phones with 1.46%, but the lowest – for computers with 0.44%. Therefore, for every 1000 display ad expositions on mobile phones Estonians are more likely to click 1.5 times, whereas for computers this number is considerably lowers with around 0.4 clicks.

Which market sector ads have the highest CTR and ad impressions?


Top 5 sectors with the highest CTR for the first half of 2018 were Food and drink sector (2.01%), followed by Automotive (0.95%), Beauty (0.88%), Sport and tourism (0.71%), and Trade sector (0.69%). However, the Top 5 sectors with the highest share of ad impressions on mobile devices were Media and books (35%), Food and drink (31%), Real estate (29%), Sport and tourism (28%), as well as Automotive sector (25%).


gemiusAdMonitor is a periodical report prepared by Gemius. Every half year Gemius analyses the performance of ad formats and click-through rate for them. The sources of data are gemiusDirectEffect and AdOcean ad server, which remain to be the leading online advertisement monitoring systems in the CEE region. Newest data about the first half of 2018 is available at www.admonitor.gemius.com.

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