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CEE region advertising markets in the first half of 2018

Another edition of gemiusAdMonitor is here, and we have some interesting insights to share! What is the ratio of display vs video campaigns? How many impressions come from mobile devices on each market? Read on to discover that and much more. 

Thanks to our ad monitoring systems gemiusDirectEffect and AdOcean adserver we are able to publish the gemiusAdMonitor report revealing some interesting insights about the advertising industry in the CEE region. AdMonitor allows you to have a peak into the 12 advertising markets we measure and answer some of the principal questions you might have such as: viewability and click-through-rates (CTR), the penetration of mobile devices, and many more. Here we made a short recap of the most prominent facts; however, we encourage you to visit admonitor.gemius.com to know more.

Video campaigns with biggest share in Poland and Turkey


It is obvious that the share of display ad formats will remain significant on every market; however, we can observe the growing importance of video campaigns. They noticeable especially on three markets: in Poland, where video comprised almost 37 per cent of all campaigns, in Turkey, with the result of 32 per cent, but also, quite interestingly in Ukraine, with the result a bit lower than the other two, approximated to 26 per cent of all campaigns. Note, however, that some of the creatives may have both video and display elements, therefore in some countries the campaign share does not sum to 100 per cent.

Europe goes mobile?


The first half of 2018 proves the ever-growing importance of mobile on many markets, as it is visible in the impressions share chart. The share of only-Phone impressions was the highest in Romania, where it was approximated to almost 54 per cent! Next in the ranking are Moldova (45 per cent), Bulgaria (44 per cent), and Croatia with 43 per cent. Desktop is still more popular, however, on markets such as Estonia (82 per cent), Poland, with 76 per cent or Czech Republic (73 per cent).

If you are interested in details for every country please visit admonitor.gemius.com for more in-depth analysis.

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