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E-commerce study: Estonian lack of trust in online payments has doubled

E-commerce study: Estonian lack of trust in online payments has doubled

Internet research and technology company Gemius conducted its annual E-commerce study in the Baltics. Despite shopping online becoming more common, doubts about the safety of it have risen among those who do not purchase on the internet. In addition to that, higher interest can be observed in rental and reservation services and insurance.

In the latest Gemius E-commerce study conducted in Estonia, respondents were asked whether they have purchased anything online in the last 6 months. 86 percent of respondents shared that they have made at least one purchase online during this period – last year such answer was chosen by 82 percent of respondents. Out of the other 14 percent, half of respondents have not made any purchase in the past half year but plan to do so in the nearest future – last year this indicator reached 10 percent mark, however, the other half of respondents shared that they have not purchased anything during this period, and also don’t plan to do so in the future – previous year this indicator was by 2 percentage points higher.

More than half of survey participants, who do not shop online, as the main reason for such decision shared their wish to view products in person before purchasing them (64 percent) – this indicator has risen by 9 percentage points since last year. 36 percent of respondents are worried about the safety of payment options provided online. This number has doubled since last year – a year ago lack of trust in payment options was shared by 17 percent. Lastly, people are skeptical of the quality of products sold online – 36 percent do not trust the quality, which a year ago was a worry for 27 percent of survey participants.

General lack of trust in online shopping not only explains why the main reason for not shopping onine is the wish to view products in person, but also why the main factor that could motivate to start shopping online is the simple conviction that they would not be deceived – this year such reassurance is important to 36 percent of respondents, but last year it was 33 percent. An important factor for 29 percent is being able to find the desired products online for better prices than in traditional stores – this indicator has decreased by 6 percentage points since last year. 25 percent of respondents wish that there would be more detailed information about the products or services sold online – this lack of information is what discouraged 22 percent from making online purchases last year.

Among the products or services that could potentially interest those who do not shop online, in the first place ranks rental and reservation services, such as booking a hotel or renting a car – such interest was expressed by 29 percent of survey participants this year and 23 percent – last year. Respondents are also highly interested in tickets for different public and entertainment events – 28 percent of respondents shared such interest this year, however, a year ago this indicator was by 3 percentage points higher. 27 percent of respondents would potentially be interested in purchasing insurance – a category that last year reached 21 percent.

The Gemius E-commerce study in Estonia was conducted using the gemiusAdHoc internet survey. The study is based on data obtained through a pop-up internet questionnaire shown to randomly selected internet users. This year, the study was conducted from January 11 to February 14, surveying 1550 respondents aged 18 to 74.

To learn more about the study and to have access to all the data, we invite you to contact Gemius Estonia by writing to kontakt@gemius.ee.

gemiusAdHoc is a research designed for individual business needs, with the possibility of discovering public opinion on any topic, question, or industry.

Gemius is an international research and technology company providing data, as well as advanced tools for digital and traditional marketing activities such as web analytics, online campaigns’ management and ad serving. The company offers comprehensive solutions for marketers, advertising agencies, publishers and e-commerce. Gemius is present on the market since 1999. The company is a member of IAB Europe and I-COM Global. The research conducted by the company are carried out in accordance with the principles of the international ICC/ESOMAR code.

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